Civil Air Patrol Halifax Composite Squadron

Squadron Commander - 1st Lt Tyler Rozier

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Communications Officer - Maj Fred Draper

Safety Officer - Maj James Newton

Finance Officer - Maj Robert (Bob) Johnston

Emergency Services Officer - Maj James Newton

Aerospace Education Officer - Capt Michael Thompson

Asst. Operations Officer - Maj Anthony Green

Medical Officer- Maj Marco Caceres, MD

Public Affairs Officer - 2d Lt Robert Woodard

Deputy Commander for Cadets - 2d Lt Patricia Short

Personnel Officer - 2d Lt Mark Short

Activities Officer - 1st Lt Tyler Rozier

1st Lt Tyler Rozier

--- Maj Fred Draper ------ Capt Michael Thompson -------- Maj Marco Caceres, M.D. ------- Maj James Newton ------- Mark Short

-- ------- ---------

Maj Bob Johnston -2d Lt Patricia Short ---2d Lt Robert Woodard -- Maj Butch Clopton ------ Maj Anthony Green