June 2018 Change Of Command Green to Rozier

March 2018 Short-Brown-Thomas Promotions & Awards

November 2017 C/Amn Cameron Green Promotion

October 2017 C/A1C Short Promotion

July 2017 Leah Thomas Promotion to C/A1C

July 2017 Encampment

July 2017 Encampment Certificates

June 2017 Hana Brown Promotion to C/Amn

June 2017 Anthony Green Promotion to Major

April 2017 Washing & Waxing Plane

March 2017 C/Amn Austin Reaves Daughters of the American Revolution Award

September 2016 Austin Reaves Promotion to C/Amn

May 2016 Capt Anthony Green First Glider

May 2016 Isles Glider

April 2016 C/Amn Isles Promotion

February 2016 C/SSgt William Chase Johnson gets Wight Brothers Award

December 2015 Chad Keeter Glider Flight

2015 Chad Keeter gets Achievment Award

2015 Allison Green - First Glider Flight

October 2015 Draper, Newton get Achievment Award

September 2015 Chad Keeter Promotion to C/MSgt

September 2015 NC169 Finds Crashed Vehicle

August 2015 C/MSgt Allison Green promotion

June 2015 CMSgt Steve Madison Retirement

April 2015 Keeter,Thompson, Green promotion to C/SSgt

April 2015 Marco Caceres, M.D. promotion to Major

February 2015 Allison Green Promotion to C/SrA

February 2015 NC169 Chad Keeter Promotion to C/SrA

January 2015 C/SrA Micah Thompson Promotion Ceremony

January 2015 NC169 Rocket Day C/A1C Chad Keeter

January 2015 NC169 Rocket Day C/A1C Allison Green

January 2015 NC169 Rocket Day C/SrA Micah Thompson

January 2015 NC169 Rocket Day

January 2015 C/A1C Allison Green Promotion Ceremony

December 2014 C/Amn William Johnson Promotion Ceremony

November 2014 Stephen Madison CMSgt Promotion Ceremony

November 2014 C/Amn Allison Mackenzie Green Promotion

November 2014 C/SMSgt Eric Hockaday Promotion

September 2014 Cadet Allison Mackenzie Green Flight Simulator

August 2014 CMSgt Stephen Madison Promotion

April 2014 Maj Fred Draper on DR Mission

March 2014 Dr Caceres promotion to Captain

January 2014 SAR Exercise at IXA

October 2013 Austin Peterson & Alex Weber Promotion

July 2013 Eric Hockaday Promotion to C/SSgt

June 2013 Encampment

June 2013 Anthony Green promotion to Captain

February 2013 Fred Draper & James Newton promotion to Major

January 2013 Eric Hockaday promotion C/SrA

January 2013 Cody Cooke First O Flight

Januray 2013 Chad Keeter First O Flight

December 2012 Cody Cooke promotion C/A1C

November 2012 Micah Thompson promotion C/Amn

October 2012 Jessica Weimer promotion C/SrA

October 2012 Eric Hockaday promotion C/A1C

August 2012 Charles Harris Sr.

August 2012 Promotion Chad Keeter to C/Amn

August 2012 Promotions Evans,Cooke,Hockaday,Weber

June 2012 Promotions Cadets Davis and Peterson

20-21 May 2012 AE Day at Halifax Northampton airport

2012 April. Rudy Morton Memorial

2012 Capt Fred Draper Receives award AT MER Conference

O-Rides at IXA FEB 2012

Endres & Blackwell Promotion to C/Amn

Green Promoted to 1st Lt December 2011

G1000 Cessna 182T Training December 2011

Bowling Night for PT April 2011


Rocket Launch 29 MAR 2011

New Pilots, Anthony Green & Ralph Johnson 27 FEB 2011

Promotions FEB 2011

JULY 2010 KC135

JUN 2010 Butner Encampment

JAN 2010 C/Amn Arwood Promotion

Promotions Dec 2009

Wreathes Across America Dec 2009

Promotions Sep 2009

Our Squadron's Pilot first O Flight MAY 2009

O Flight MARCH 2009

Promotions Jan 2009

Blue Ranger Trainine 2008

O Flight 08 AUG 2008

CERT Class

SAREX 19JUL08 Operation HQ

Elizabeth City Training 2008

Promotions Sept 2008

Promotions Oct 2008

Promotions Feb 2009

Generations of Valor

The Medal Of Honor

the Highest Award that can be presented!

the only award that can be worn around the neck

Upon meeting a Medal of Honor person, Stand at Attention and salute!